cold. cold. cold.

Can I take two seconds and tell you that, when I saw the forecast for today on my phone, I thought the app had accidentally pulled information for the wrong city?
Do you know why?
Because the reported temperature was 32°.
And that seemed way too high.
I sarcastically told the app, "What? Do you think we live in the tropics or something? That's way too warm for the last day of January."
I love the different seasons. There's always something to get excited about - spring flowers, lazy summer days, bonfires and hoodies in the fall, and hot chocolate and sledding adventures this time of year.

But the Farmers Almanac apparently reports that our February is going to be WAY worse than our January. Now, I know it's not a scientific study using sterile labs and PhDs, that almanac. But I have a hard time believing that 100s (?) of years of being outside from dawn to dusk taught people nothing about what to expect in the coming days in terms of the weather... Just saying.

2pts for history nerds.


This, please.

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  1. i love seasons and winter, but i don't envy the level of coldness you've been having. good luck with Feb

  2. We keep having super warm (40's-60's) weekends and then the week days are so so cold. Our bank clock said 33 one morning earlier this week and I said the same thing, heatwave. Ready. For. Spring. -Alexandra

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