way existential

So we're getting older and we're supposedly getting wiser, and our relationships are deeper and more meaningful, and our careers are taking off, and our clocks are ticking ... oh wait. But seriously. 
And we still feel like we're 16 years old, right? Or maybe 21, since we can have a glass of wine after a long day which seems like a grownup thing at least.
And we still have weird nightmares sometimes and we still get flummoxed in social situations or when meeting someone important [and importance could be determined by the person, the place, or the thing, which triples the amount of flummoxed-ness going on] and we watch Friends and can't figure out how they were 26 in that episode and we are 26 now and they have higher paying jobs and a lot more wrinkles than we do.
And we still think of Cars and Wall-E as the "new" Disney movies and we hardly remember a time before texting and driving and we loved the Backstreet Boys back in the day, but -c'mon- they're just old now.
And someone meets us and thinks we're either too young or too old for this or that, and it's weird because that's exactly what we are. Too young and too old. It's a weird place, our twenties.
And we keep learning more, but then realizing that we actually know less than we thought we did when we started. And we've accomplished some things that literally blow our own minds, but some stuff should have happened by now, you know? So we're also slackers.
It's Christmas and, when our aunts and older cousins were 26, they could afford to get us expensive sets of Harry Potter books and now that we're 26, we're like, "How?!?" Because we're broke and we're figuring out how to not blow what's left of our paycheck on beer and Sour Patch Kids. That's exactly who we are.
Baby grownups. Big kids. 
But maybe this is it -- this is real life. 
Maybe it just won't ever really make sense.
Maybe we just get used to it, and then we'll know we're real adults.
Whatever the case, I just hope you all know that you're not alone.
Yes, life really is that confusing and weird and wonderful and hard and magical for the rest of us. 
Que sera sera, after all.

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. That is the best way I have heard being a "grown up" described as. Yes I am 20, and since I am in Canada...I have been able to do the "grown up" thing and drink wine since I was 19. No matter how much older I am getting, it's true that we are just real big kids. Still thinking our time was better than today's generation. We get to drink wine, and eat sour patch kids. But that's the only thing because we can't afford to buy expensive gifts because whatever money we have is going toward something more important...like more wine? Very well said Captain!! :)


  2. being a baby grown up is hard. i still don't understand how certain people have their lives put together and they are younger than me. but i will keep pretending to be a grown and maybe one day it will feel normal.

  3. Amen. Loved this! I wrote a new type of post today, check it out if you get a chance. It's very writer-y. :) I dunno, it just kind of flew out of my heart and onto the screen. Happy December! -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. This post. A million times. This post.

    You've written nothing but truth here. Just yesterday, in my Ethics class, a girl asked me if I was in my last year of college. I said, "Well, no.... I actually have a Bachelors Degree in Journalism, but now I'm back in school, getting prerequisites for OT school." Then she asked how long I'd been married, & when I told her a little over a year, but that Justin & I had been together almost eight years, she look at me, shocked, and asked, "How OLD are you?!?!" When I sheepishly replied, "Twenty-seven," she replied that she thought I was no more than 22... or 21.

    I mean, that's definitely a compliment. But like you said, your twenties are this weird time of not-old-enough-yet-too-old. It's a strange time, my friend. But sometimes it's fun.

  5. A-MEN. I'm older than you {in the dreaded and yet beloved group of thirty-somethings} and I'm always torn between thinking that I've made it and life is good and realizing that I still also haven't had that magic moment where I woke up, I was a grown up, and understood everything. Maybe we're not meant to really grow up - just to keep traveling in a state of wonder.