Today is a great day.

It is Monday, which doesn't usually seem that great, but can be when you consider that next Monday is Christmas break.
It is my first day, kind of. While I'm still trucking along with the web designing biz, I've also gladly accepted a part-time position with School on Wheels. I'm really excited to work with these people and this mission. Today is a little baby-work-day in that I'm only going in for two hours. I'll officially start in the new year!
It is the day I remember that this song existed. UHNN
It is Jane Austen's birthday, which makes me oh-so-happy. That woman. If she were alive today, I tell you, we'd be bffs. Sorry, Snapp. In her honor, I'm thinking a Based-on-the-Book movie marathon of Austen greatness this evening -- "Emma," "P&P," and "Sense & Sensibility" are definitely on the roster.
It is a day for repinning, and one of my very own little quote creations is really gaining some momentum on Pinterest in the last couple of days. So exciting when you created the background, fiddled with the font and spacing, figured out how to make those clip art boots transparent, put it all together, and voila, people repin it!

I'd bombard you with Ugly Sweater Party pictures again, but I do believe I'll hold off so that my Facebook family can have a bit of a break from all of our ugly. :)

Happy Monday!

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  1. apparently also chocolate covered anything day... can't go wrong! :) -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things