I'm beyond excited right now about Web Design by Sarah in the new year!
Like, pretty stinking pumped.

Today I posted a "sneak peek" at some of the new services / designs I'll be offering in 2014.

As in, I made this and I'm pretty proud of it, yo!

Hopefully you think it's cool ['cause it is, right?] enough to share.

Hopefully you'll think of a charity you love / small business / cub scout troop who needs a little something-something along these lines and be like, "Uh. Wait! My friend Sarah does this! Her quick wit and charming good looks are merely bonus features when you consider the work she'll do for you on the web... Hmm. I should recommend her."

Or hopefully you'll leave a comment regaling my digi-talents so that my pitter-pattering heart can leap for joy once again because you like it   

Also, if you're in the mood for cool information about new apps, funny/poignant/thought-provoking quotes about technology, advocacy for shopping, giving, and buying local, and/or just need more pluck in your lives, check out @WebDesignbSarah on Twitter. It's twitillating. 

Happy Thursday!

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