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You've seen us... though you may not know it. Our secret club. The book lovers club. You see us in aisles and piles of books, our heads cocked slightly to the side as we explore titles written up and down a hundred spines. We start out slowly, of course. Like Charlie enjoying his only candy bar for the year, we don't want to gorge too quickly in the feast before our eyes. Instead, with all of the time in the world, we plan to enjoy. We meander up and down the aisles and rows, pausing here and there to tuck a little soldier back into formation on the shelf. 

You'll know when we've warmed up because we suddenly find that all of the most interesting titles are, in fact, on the bottom shelf. We casually glance over our shoulders to see if anyone is looking, we bend a little at the hips, then the knees, then our butts jut up into the air and, if it's a particularly intriguing selection, we plop right down onto the floor and pull the little buggers off the shelf into our laps like beloved children. There is no awareness of passing time here. No thought given to the inappropriateness of a grown woman sitting cross-legged in a department store floor, disregarding a thousand years of social convention merely to flip through the pages of a book.

We are lost. We are free. We are reading. 

Ah, yes. You know us. You move your cart out of our way as we trundle through the aisle, our arms so laden with our latest selections that we can hardly see over the top of the stack. You see our checkbook is coffee-stained when we pull it out of our bag to cover the bill. You catch a peep of the cover of a book already tucked away amongst our things, a companion, a testament to our unwillingness to be caught at a bus stop, a stoplight, a crowded cafe without a book at the ready. We know we've got a "ton of books already!" which is how you'd scold us if you could, but we can't help it. It's an addiction. This one needs to be on our shelves. This one just must be read. At some point. After the thirty others we've got lined up in queue. You know us.

We are not particuarly dignified in our love. We aren't even aware that you see us; we're so lost in the magic and wonder of tales, travels, and texts. We hope you think of us when you watch a "Based on a Book" film without feeling a gut-clenching guilt if you haven't actually read the book yet. We hope you enjoy our dog-eared pages and little notes on the inside cover when you find our favorite copy of Rebecca at a yard sale after we've passed away. We know we made this world a better place, if only because we enjoyed so many different lives and stories and times that it would be impossible for the world to be worse-off for it.

Next time you see us, with our hips askew and our heads cocked as we study new arrivals or see our arms hugging one-too-many new books to our chests, smile and nod - because you know. And now, even if it's only as an honorary member, you can be a part of our club too. And, if you ask, we'll gladly lend you a copy of the handbook. 

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I am this girl. Always on the floor. Always madly shuffling through shelves of new arrivals of used books. Had to buy a new bookshelf just to keep them on the shelves. Couldn't even decorate it to make it cute this time around! Thank you for writing this, so beautiful! -another fellow booklover :) Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. this makes me happy and i can totally picture you sitting criss cross apple sauce.