do your best... and then some

Here comes the New Year, whether we like it or not. Here come resolutions and starting over and a bunch of people who are (1) miserable and want a change or (2) on top of the world and want to keep it going or (3) just kind of trying to hold on to their butts as life goes whizzing past.

I bet you'll never guess which category I'm in?

I've always been this firm believer in "doing your best" and then letting the chips fall. Okay. Not exactly. As in, if I try my hardest/do my best and things don't turn out well, I kind of have a breakdown. But anyway.

I like ↑↑ this quote ↑↑ for the imminent arrival of the New Year because life is starting to become a lot less about what I'm best at and a lot more about things that are required [even if I suck at them].

Case in point:
Small Business Record-Keeping & Accounting
NOT. My. Strong. Suit. 

But these things must be done, even if they're not my best work, my strongest talents, my guaranteed outcomes of success that I'm used to. I've been seeing a lot of posts about kids these days and how we're coddling them with grades and getting on the team even if they suck and telling them that they're all special and unique...and I'm having mixed feelings.

On one hand, ska-duh, people have to work hard and earn their way. That's a no-brainer. You don't get something for nothing, so failing a biology test and then having your mom call the teacher and gripe him out is a big No-No. How embarrassing to act like you deserve something that you know you didn't earn?* Besides, if you fail this test and the grade sticks and that bugs you?? Maybe you'll study next time?

On the other hand, I do kind of feel like we're all special and unique and have hidden talents and something valuable to offer the world and I don't want some kid to get crushed over and over again by the things he's not that good at so that he never even has the gumption to find the thing he is that good at.

Not really sure what all of that has to do with the topic, but there you have it. And so, just thinking about the upcoming year and challenges and talents and resolutions, I guess I'm feeling a teensy bit more grown-up because things that really kind of suck are included in my goals for 2014. Maybe this entire post was simply an excuse to brag myself up?? Whatevs.

Here. Have a cat GIF. Just back away slowly because there's nothing to see here...

Happy Tuesday!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

*FYI, I definitely don't consider human rights to be something you have to earn. However, they are things you can give away if you suck and do something really stupid like kill somebody or hurt a child.

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  1. good luck with the things that you have to do, but aren't good at.... those are the hardest to get a handle on! weird, i know ;)

  2. Good luck. I feel like I did so many things this year and am super happy about them, but they weren't on my list... haha. But I suppose that is ok!! Excited to make my list for next year... but really am not sure what I want to try to accomplish. :) Fun to think about though! :) -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things