being well-balanced

is overrated.

Can you image how boring life would be without flaring tempers about the imminent selection and placement of an ottoman in the living room? 

Or the unadulterated glee that comes with ordering a FREE milkshake in December? 

Or the moment of instant rage when a small kitten terrorizes the hand-made present bows on your practically perfect little Christmas packages? 

Or the belly laugh you have at your own expense for creeping outside your boyfriend's classroom (unnoticed, you believe) only to find the kids could see you the entire time and shout, "Hey! There's someone standing outside the door!" ?

Or the anxiety that fills you when you're looking at a budget that just doesn't seem to want to stretch all the way to the end of the month?

Or the anticipation of a night spent with good friends when you'll don tacky Christmas sweaters and take goofy photo-booth photos and completely cover the floor in beer that slops over the sides during beer pong?

Or the weird connection you feel to the narrator in a book you're reading, because it's not really the sort of thing a person would hope to connect with?

Or the exhaustion of holidays and having to be a team player in the game called Life that makes you long to head to your childhood home and be enveloped in the familiar blankets, smells, and conversations that never cease to thrill and delight you?

Or the love/hate relationship you have with your coffee addiction?

I mean, life is not very balanced, is it? We're always getting tossed this way or that. And I've struggled for a long time to figure out how to handle any situation, those listed and so many more, with grace and serenity and an even, mellow conscience. 


I'm a mess of a person, you know? I'm human. We all are. We're going to get way too excited or too angry or too exhausted pretty much all the time sometimes. I admire those who are even keel about everything but I'm just having to accept that I'll never be one of them. And my life is interesting, to say the least. Heck, I don't even know what's going to come out of my heart on any given day, let alone cluing someone else in to its intricacies. 

My best advice?

....hang on for dear life.

That's what life is, after all: dear.

Please tell me I'm not the only overly emotional person who's decided to stop fighting the good fight and just let myself be who I am? Any shared stories of times you over-reacted weren't boring [the good, the bad, or the ugly], would be greatly appreciated right about now.

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  1. i really REALLY loved this post and actually needed it today!

  2. that book is SO GOOD. also i am the type to get really unnecessarily excited about tiny little things. whether it be surprise ice cream in the freezer or free milk shakes!

  3. i'm not even-keel about ANYTHING. everything that happens in my life, i feel with the heat of 1000 suns. i am irrational & dramatic. i feel you.