What I Wore

The Dress Dare -- it's ending! Eep! Only a few weeks of pantslessness remain! Part of me is jumping for joy at the thought of slipping on a pair of comfy sweatpants, but part of me is pretty sure I'm going to have a little cry when it's over. A whole entire year of our lives dedicated to this life project. Never would have happened without my partner in crime!

Now, enough sap. Unto what I wore.
 Everything in this outfit is a hand-me-down or a thrift purchase, minus the boots. #MyKindofOutfit

Thrift dress and Amazon.com knee-high boots that I ordered for a Halloween costume and 
never regretted for a second. I love these bad boys, and always get compliments 
on them while out and about.

Yep. More thrift shop sweater dress action, and once again, I bought the boots new on 
Amazon for my Tomb Raider Halloween Costume last year. I'm noticing a trend here....

Something borrowed. Chelsey's most-comfortable-sweater-dress-of-all-time and fancy scarf.

Uhhh. Another pick from Chelsey's closet. That girl seriously has the very best clothes. 
And the souvenir scarf from my 25th birthday in Paris. :)

Wooly Goodwill sweater that I wear ALL. THE. TIME. Even when it's not October.

Self-explanatory. :)

Then there was that time I made it work. You don't spend an hour curling this massive 
head of hair and then not show it off. So chair-standing happens sometimes...

That's what I wore! Linking up here.

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  1. I can't remember the last day I didn't wear a scarf....

  2. Wow! So awesome :) Glad that you are so close to completing your goal! -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things