the sunday currently

 reading  American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. Still. However, I picked up a copy of Mitch Albom's The Time Keeper at the library this week.

 writing  out my tasks for the week. Who knew that there was so much extra stuff involved in designing websites??

 listening  the Pocket Full of Sunshine station on Pandora.

 thinking  that I have, once again, eaten myself to the point of bursting. Why do we do this?? [because it's so good, that's way] soooo good.

 smelling  dryer-fresh clean laundry. :)

 wishing  that I believed in psychics enough to visit one and learn a thing or two about my future...

 hoping  I'm on the right track!

 wearing  post-Friendsgiving leggings and comfy sweater, because my belt buckle was digging into the new muffin top I earned this evening at dinner. Homemade caramel pumpkin cake AND homemade pumpkin cheesecake. WHAT??

 wanting  to workout at some point this evening. Because I seriously need it. Join me in the 5 weeks to hotness that is New Year's?? Details on the blog tomorrow!

 needing  to get caught up on a million things and then get started on a million other things.

 feeling  sleepy and full and happy and excited to get back to the website biz. I haven't done a lot of "web work" in the last few days, and my typing fingers are itching to make some magic happen. 

 clicking  TONS of workouts on Pinterest. 

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