the sunday currently

 reading  American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. Half way!

 writing  JavaScript for Google Drive apps, like forms and such. Man, is this stuff terrifying fascinating.

 listening  to the sounds of an oddly high amount NFL upsets happening as grown men all around the country cry about their Fantasy scores this week. Or, maybe it's just one man who's crying....

 thinking  that it's weird how sometimes my pinkie finger gets sore on the outer edge of the nail. It makes typing a little painful, and I'm not actually sure how a person injures that particular spot on her body.

 smelling  Evergreen Candle. Because it's beginning to looks a lot like Christmas... In my heart. #YouCantComplainAboutThat

 wishing  I didn't feel a headache coming on, but that's what you get on Sunday afternoon for having one too many brewskies on Saturday night.

 hoping  I really have actually, for sure, definitely learned how to budget. Hopefully.

 wearing  the most comfortable sweater dress of all time that Chelsey brought over for me to borrow. Oh, and her scarf. I don't even know if it's actually that cute, but it is so. stinking. comfortable. I don't even care.

 wanting  a nap, I think.

 needing  to get some work done on a couple of websites since it's going to be a very busy week!!

 feeling  oddly content, considering all that's going on these days. It's nice. I shan't look a gift-horse in the mouth.

 clicking  Pretty Little Liars theories and interviews. I'm all caught up! Check that one off of my November goals already!

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  1. Love this idea! Also, javascripts -EEK. You are so smart and brave. Also, I feel your headache pain - except somehow I can be hungover from a fun Saturday night having no drinky drinks in my body? Idk . . . all I know is this headache came on when I woke up and only left after consuming copious amounts of DP