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So much happening this time of year to cause a girl to take a step back and consider things from a different angle. I'll admit to more than my fair share of a few pity parties lately. Fortunately, there are so many fantastic, generous people around that it's hard to stay down for long.

As a self-professed Repressor [and Suppressor, if we're getting technical], I kind of hate addressing anything that feels icky, ticky, tavvy. But last night, in a painful moment of growing up, I we did.

I had a real conversation with someone that I care about a LOT. And it was so frightening and I had played out all of these scenarios in my head about how terrible it would be when the talk was over. And, on any other day, I'd have just pushed all of those worries, and fears, and tensions, and concerns down, down, down into the depths only to surface during alcohol-induced 2 am chats that I don't even remember the next day.

But talk we did.

And, as you might have guessed, it was glorious.

Like, nobody solved world hunger or fixed the ObamaCare website or anything, but it was a success in my book! The talking was honest and open and vulnerable and, after some tenuous moments, came out SO WELL.

I'm not going to do it again time soon [hopefully]. I think once or twice a year should be plenty for that sort of thing. But I do feel amazing today. And I know someone else does too. ♥

I stand before you, friends and neighbors, and urge you to have real talks with the real people in your life. No matter what happens, it can't ultimately feel worse than bottling all of that stuff inside. And even if the best-case scenario falls a bit short, whatever happens will surely beat the worst-case scenario. [...I think] Disagreement does not mean the end of a thing, simply that you care about it as much as the other person does. What a liberating idea, no?

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  1. But real talks are scary, can't i just send them an email? But seriously, as much as I hate face to face serious talks, especially when it is confrontational but non violent, I do find that it feels a lot better! I'm happy for you!

  2. i need to follow your lead. real talks are hard for me. all of the feelings. but i am glad yours went well.

  3. I'm super proud of you. That sort of thing is so flipping hard. Suppressing emotions is way easier.. and, of course, crazy unhealthy.