You know how I know I'm at least partly a hipster?
Because I TOTALLY liked owls before 'liking owls' was cool.

My love affair with those hooty cuties started in 2007 when I spent the first of 3 summers working as a camp counselor at Happy Hollow Camp. Their mascot?
You guessed it.
An owl.

At the end of every summer, we had a Final Dinner and exchanged gifts with various other counselors and staff. For my final Final Dinner in 2009, I received these little guys in my final gift. 

Ms. Salt & Mr. Pepper were part of a "housewarming" gift set from a camp friend who knew I was moving to the big, scary city of Indianapolis ALL BY MYSELF. These two have kept me company in all of my kitchens ever since.

Then, last year for my birthday [number 25. olddddd.], I was so fortunate to visit the Roman Baths with one of my besties. While there, we learned that the goddess people used to worship there, Minerva, had a sidekick owl. Since she was the Roman Goddess of Wisdom, Minerva's owl could see in the dark [i.e. see what others couldn't. that is, he was wise. :) ]. So of course I had to get this charm [and one for all of my best friends!]

Skip ahead a year and a half and I've pretty much received owl-related gifts at all major events and holidays. The trouble is, some owl stuff is not cute. I have this weird turn-off for certain kinds of owls. I like the old, vintagey looking ones. The multi-colored, I'm-tripping-on-acid ones that are on dish towels, ornaments, and other things just don't do it for me. ...weird, right? I love owls, but only certain kinds.

Most recently [read: yesterday], my obsession led us on a hunt throughout Target Halloween clearance because these wine stoppers just HAD to join my collection.

There are pourers too. I LOVE THEM.

Owl jewelery, though, is where my heart's at. I'd like one of each of these, please!! Actually, I already have Number 2 & Number 8. I'm drooling over Number 3, though. #banglesforlife More importantly, they're affordable. Hallelujah! 
|  1. 75c  |  2. $8.49  |  3. $6.99  |  4. $3.29  |  5. $15.90  |  6. $21.99  |  7. 99c  |  8. $1.50  |

Dear Santa...

Ahem. Sorry. I got lost in the moment there for a sec.

Happy Owl-ing, friends!

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