New Feature!!!

Good afternoon, friends!
Today, as you may know, is my official one year anniversary with this goofball.

It's been an interesting 365 days for sure.
When all is said and done, I love the guy, so... Cheers to many more "interesting" days!

Another VERY exciting announcement -- I have my own store!
I'll be adding to it, so if you have any requests, DEFINITELY let me know.
With the holidays coming up [I've counted 6 Christmas commercials today alone. Eep!], it seemed like a good idea!

You can bookmark the link from here, but it's also in the menu across the top of my blog. Right next to "Things You Won't Find Me Blogging About [Mostly]" called "Shop Plucky Picks."

Right now it features
1. owl jewelry [duh] [and it's sooooo cheap!!!]
2. dresses [double duh]
4. stationary and cards

I can choose pretty much anything for the homepage of the store, so if you've read a great book, have fallen in love with a certain dress, or anything really!, let me know!

Happy Shopping, loves!

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