MacKensie G. asked what my November Goals are...

I like this idea of setting goals, but it also terrifies me. For November, hopefully I can set some rather fun goals because true-life goal-setting is so... grown up. #eww
So here are some things I plan to do in November that will indubitably make my life [and all the lives around me] better.

 Dance around the apartment in my underwear. 
If you've been watching Grey's Anatomy lately, you'll understand. It's not about the dancing and the underwear so much as remembering those things that bring you joy and make you you and doing them on purpose. In honor of Dr. Torrez, I'll keep the shades down and pump the volume up at least once in November. 

Find a home for this kitten.
Seriously, guys, she's SO sweet. But we're a one-cat family and we just have to find her a good home. I'd hate to do it, but if December rolls around and she's still here, I may have to take her to a shelter leave her on your doorstep, swaddled in blankets, in a picnic basket.

Get caught up with Pretty Little Liars.
I'm in that denial stage right now where I know there are only a few episodes left before I'm all caught up, but I don't want to not be able to watch a new one until January. We'll see how this turns out. I don't know what I'll do when I'm not being shocked ALL THE TIME by this show. Maybe stop having an irregular heartbeat??

→ Find some cool new music.
With all my laptops crashing and burning in the last 5 years, I've re-downloaded my music library like 8 times. I'm ready for something new. I love my old faves, don't get me wrong. Ingrid. Sara. He is We. Carbon Leaf. But I'm ready for ch-ch-changes. Any suggestions? I'm thinking mellow and sweet, since it's winter and it'll most likely be a snuggling soundtrack. 

→ Finish a book or two.
This whole Being a Young Entrepreneur thing is AWESOME! But I also feel guilty when I relax for, like, 2 seconds. You know those moments on Saturday when you're sleeping in way too late but you smile under the covers because it's Saturday and you can? I miss those. And for me, Saturday mornings are best when snuggled up reading a good book before you ever even get out of bed. So... That's going to happen, at least one Saturday morning this month.

→ Make some Christmas presents!
Every year, I make people Christmas presents. And every year, I wait until December to get started and then it's hot-scrambling-mess to get everything done. Starting early this year. This is the one goal that I'm just not sure will actually happen, but writing it down counts for something, right?

I hope you enjoy your November like I'm planning to! It's the calm before the Holiday Whirlwind of Doom that spins out of control after Turkey Day. Why not spend the months leading up to it pampering ourselves a bit? :)

Thanks for asking, MacKensie G!

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  1. a) i love Dr. T. b) i am sad her and arizona are fighting c) i have not seen any of this season of PLL d) check out the spotify or pandora radio station of 'james vincent mcmorrow' perfect for snuggling

  2. My musical suggestions: Alt-J - fantastic. We are Twin - not super popular (at least in TN) but also wonderful to listen to. Then if you need to get your twerk on, I highly recommend Miley Cyrus' new cd - Bangerz. Also, I was caught dropping it low to This D by DJ Mustard & Tee Flii this morning. It's great for a mellow twerkout, where you don't need to go so hard but you still need to work those back muscles.