hot when the ball dropz, plz

Sooooo it's Thanksgiving season and I HATE the idea of starting a workout plan right now buttttt.... you know, desperate times and all that. You see, my bf and I are heading out to Colorado to ring in the New Year with his older brother and all of his older friends. And I kind of feel like that awkward 7th grader who wants to impress all of the sophomores, but something inside me is like, "You're meeting new people. You're taking a trip. It's a holiday. The last day of The Dress Dare. There will be tons of pictures. Why not be as hot as possible for that particular moment??"
I've enlisted the help of Emily and Cass to help hold me accountable IRL but it's not official til it's on the blog, right? And just in case you were wondering, I did spend way too much time yesterday scouring Pinterest and creating a workout plan for the next five weeks. 

You'd like to see an example, you say? You might like to try to workout a bit between now and the Dreaded Time of Resolutions as well? Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?!

It's not nearly as intimidating as it looks, I promise! Basically, the plan involves 3 cardio seshes and 2 strength seshes per week. You have a few options for cardio, but do the entire strength side x 2 during the week. But that's just WEEK ONE! There are new exercises each week. I like to keep things fresh because, like many others, I get bored way too quickly in the gym. 

Also, it's important to note each and every part of this plan [minus the title image] was found on Pinterest. I didn't actually create anything, simply compiled it. :)

In the style of Miss Mack, sweaty selfies coming your way. Consider yourself warned.

Happy sweating!

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  1. oh, oh, oh, you know i support this!

  2. ooohhh i love new workouts! sore muscles are the best feeling (is that weird)

  3. Ok, so I was thinking that these workout looked pretty intense, but once you explained that it's only a few times per week that made it sound a lot better!

    SO jealous you're going out to Colorado! I've got cousins out in Denver, and I've been there tons of times, but I've somehow never managed to make it out there in sad!

  4. yeeaayaayyayyyy sweaty selfies are the SHIT.

  5. Woohoo!!! Good for you girlie! I'm sure you'll look great on New Years Eve!!! :-)

  6. Girl I'm about to hit up a work out plan as well, considering I haven't stopped eating since Thursday.