Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you remember those books from elementary school? You're reading along and all is well and then, suddenly, a choice must be made. Do you take the stairs or find an elevator? This basically determines the course of your fate until the end of time... or the story ends, but whatev. You get the idea. If you tried to the read the books front to back you'd end up confused because to truly experience the adventure, you had to skip around and pick different things and sometimes, the story ended on Page 3. It was a little confusing, but once you got the hang of it, they were the bomb.

Do you ever think of our lives like this "Choose Your Own Adventure" scenario? Maybe it's not as simple as taking the stairs or an elevator, but it still kind of applies. Like:
You are a senior in college and you are changing your major again. Do you choose History Major, which allows you to graduate in the Spring, or do you choose to explore another major?

At this point, you skip to page 71 and choose to be a History Major. Next thing you know, you also choose to move to Indianapolis, choose to apply for the Museum Studies Masters program at IUPUI, choose to go door-to-door to the different museums in the city asking if they're hiring, choose to decide you don't really want to go into Museum Studies after all, choose to get a Masters in Philanthropy instead, choose to move to the beach for 5 months, and then choose to start your own web design business for small nonprofits back in Indianapolis. All without looking back.

The benefit to the book versions of these stories was you could always go back, make a different choice, and see a different ending. Life isn't so cut and dry. But, like those stories, life also doesn't seem to happen in any particular order, either. So, maybe compared to the stories, Life is kind of slacking in the Fun Department for choosing your own adventure. Instead of rescuing a kidnapped princess or ending up on a deserted island, your choices in the Life scenarios are more like "Be unemployed for a few months" or "Never learn to budget (which will haunt you for the rest of your adult life)." You know. That sort of thing. Maybe they aren't the best choices, but they are choices.

Now, for some science about choice. If you've got 20 minutes, you should listen to one segment, but if you've got an hour - go for the whole thing! RadioLabs were introduced to me by my booskie [and he's going to geek out so hard that I'm embedding one on my blog #nerdalert]. This one discusses choices and how our brains, emotions, psyches in general react to those choices. RadioLab would have me believe that too much choice will actually make our brains go haywire and hurt our ability to be happy. I kind of think I MAJORLY agree.

So what's the point of all of this, you might ask? I don't know exactly. Except to say that we are where we are based on our choices, and where we go next is also based on our choices. How's that for empowering-and-yet-slightly-terrifying?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. it's funny where your choices in life take you to.... hopefully. they'll take you to great places :)

  2. There actually is a psychology behind too many choices - it paralyzes us. If we have too many options or choices, there are so many "Grass is greener on the other side" scenarios. I really appreciate all the opportunities and choices that we do have, though. Sometimes I wish I had more choices, but it's important that I stay grateful for where I am now, regardless of the choices I have made to get here.