A post with a map and then tons of rambling

For starters, how awesome is Google Analytics? I mean, really. Always fun to see the stats!
When I first started tracking stats, the maps were mostly white with a very BLUE Indiana [like, the only time Indiana has ever been blue...] and a hit or two in another state or two, but nothing like this!

Seeing this map, I can see that it might be time to make more of effort for the wild wilderness that is the upper midwest. So, blog friends and neighbors, assuming they have internet connections in those vast, lonely states, let's be introduced! 

Would it be totally creepy to look up Montana and Wyoming blogger linkups? Signs point to yes. 

I guess, really, it doesn't matter since I'm a self-professed "emo blogger who pretty much tells people about my life and then they read it and that's just weird." You know, as opposed to a content blogger or an industry blogger or a niche blogger. I'm just some random Midwestern girl in her twenties with a cat and a boyfriend and a business, and weirdly [like, really weirdly], people read it. 

Most of the time, it's just this crazy space where I ramble about my emotions, my short-comings, my hopes and dreams. Someone told me once that a blog was like a diary that other people read, and I guess I took that to heart. And sometimes it bites you in the butt [like when you meet a cute boy, he adds you on Facebook, and then reads your ENTIRE blog in two days] because people can know so much about you because it's out there. And then they look at you like, 

And you're like, "How the heck do you know that?!" And it turns out it's not your eyes, but your 15 months of whiney breakup posts and emo music two years ago that gave you away. So, it's risky. But it's comforting to know that the 15 people living in the Wyoming-Montana-North Dakota region might think I'm relatively sane upon meeting.

Also, if my new bloggy best friend happens to be living in Hawaii and we just haven't "met" yet, uhhhh... We should make that happen. Because she might need me to be in her wedding someday. In Hawaii. And now, if someone from HI ever actually does read my blog, she's going to think I want to use her. Crap. I don't that much!

Oh, and I just noticed there are a couple of teensy tiny states along the East Coast that didn't get arrows. Oops. You guys are cool too! [just not cool enough for arrows] And on that note, I have to wonder about my psyche, in that I'm apparently afraid of offending blog readers from states that, according to the map, don't even read my blog...

Okay. I'm signing off.

SO much happening this week... Wish me luck!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

ps. THANK YOU, VETERANS! There's plenty of idle chatter in this blog space, but I sincerely thank you for all you do! So privileged to live in a place protected and served by people like you. ♥

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. all i can think when i read this is 'alaska can come too' from the end of the world cartoon.

  2. Just saying . . . I have family that lives outside Indianapolis. So when I'm visiting them sometimes . . . I propose a blate one day.

  3. I think I read your blog enough for NorCal to get an arrow....