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Just so you know, I woke up this morning with a terrible headache. And by morning, I mean 11am.
And the headache never went away. So, even though my brand-spanking-new business takes place entirely on the computer, I haven't been able to be online much today.
Instead, I decided I would give my little office a makeover. The room is our guest room/office and it has become kind of a catch-all for stuff that has no other home in the apartment.
And James, being the kindly gentleman he is, stopped on his way home from school to pick me up a keyboard and mouse so this whole janky, broken-lap-top-as-the-keyboard biz can come to a quick end.

In my head, of course, this room will look like this when all is said and done. 

Also, since we're on the topic of my biz and such, I'm also REALLY EXCITED about the next few weeks on the Facebook page. That is the dumbest sentence I've ever typed, but it's also rather true. I sat down at the beginning of the week and mapped out a few weeks of entertainment, resources, and promo posts for Facebooky goodness and I'm like a kid in a candy store when a new day arrives and I get to share the newest post. Eek. I'm being taken over by the excitement of it all!

Oh, in other news:

  • Our housewarming party is next weekend. woot!
  • Cassie B. will be in town for it. Double woot!
  • Halloween costumes are in the works. #solid
  • Grey's Anatomy is on tonight. I'm nervous fudge-monkeys about what happens next.
  • I'm jonesing [hard] for the beach. Don't be surprised to find it make a reappearance in the rather near future. 

Hope your week is wrapping up well!

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  1. i have been repinning office spaces for weeks in prep for the condo we're moving into that has a second bedroom. now if only i had fund to make it pretty....