Just so you know....

AHHHHHHH! This happened today!!!! I am just in shock. I mean, really? What says "I'm a legitimate business" more than having a GROUPON?! 
So. Stinking. STOKED.

and then....

I pretty much just want to spend the rest of my life in bed. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!
Books are where it's at. If you don't love to read, you simply haven't found your favorite book yet. Because I know  I believe every single person LOVES to read, some people just haven't found it yet. So... GO READ A BOOK, ya hippies. 

And quit ruining my moment.


Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

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  1. congrats on the groupon! hope you get some sales from it!!!! also, confession, sometimes i have a habit of starting a book and not finishing it.

  2. Yay to the groupon! I read weekly, not daily, but weekly. I need to start reading all about Human Resources so I can be an international expert in my field by the time I am 42!

  3. Yay groupon! I think if I make blogging a career, I'm already an expert.

    I could anything and everything all day long. Unless Friends is on.