"It's the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee." ~ Nicholas Sparks

In the midst of the hustle and bustle that is life, I've been very fortunate to receive Liz's prompts each morning in October so far. She starts each day asking me to very intentionally look for beauty and joy and peace. Sounds fantastic, right?
Hint: It's really hard.

But this morning, when I rolled out of bed at 9:21am and stumbled my way to the coffee maker, I felt irritated with myself. "Everyone else got up way earlier than this today to go to work and you are having trouble making coffee?? Don't you know how much more coffee you could afford if you just got a job, ya hippie." And pretty much ripped myself a new one for thinking I deserved something different than all the "normal" people out there working a job that they love/hate/need/whatev, and instead putting the booskie and I on a much tighter budget than necessary so I can ... what? Follow my passion?? Such a hippie response.

That, my dear friends, is called "head trash" and my inner voice speaks it fluently. She's quite the critic, and I am definitely her favorite target. Sometimes, her observations and judgements drown out all the dreams and plans and adventures swirling around my head. At that point, my adventures and I are left in a room with this cranky, annoying beeah who has nothing nice to say about the rest of us.

So, thank goodness for outside voices. It's kind of easy to forget how important support and encouragement are to a gal in her twenties just starting to make a go of it. I have this small, but mighty network of support that smilingly nods me on to victory at every turn. They get these text messages that say things like, "Eep! My website is up!" or "Eep! I'm networking today." or "OMG, she liked my work. OMG. OMG." and they respond with equal fervor and joy, and I love them for it.

Being the joy seeker that I am today [thanks, Liz], I stopped in that coffee moment mentioned earlier [the one were I was berating myself before I could even open my eyes all the way today]. I noted my fuzzy socks and sleepy hair and flowery nightgown. The cats prancing about and whining for food. The pile of dirty dishes that I meant to take care of yesterday. And I loved that moment, because it was mine. That is exactly where I was on October 7th, 2013 at 9:24am. How incredible is that? Who knows what next year's October 7th holds, except that it's bound to be different than this one.

Thankful for these moments today that make up today.
And sooo thankful that the dreams and plans and joy-loving voices inside won out today.

What a gift.

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

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  1. but no for reals, be happy you don't have a 9-5. i was up at 5:45 and it wasn't enjoyable, nor is my job really...

  2. Aww I love this. And I agree with Brooke. If I could, I'd be doing the exact same thing that you are right now, but until we start our business together I'm all up in this grind thang. But at least I can open up your blog and get all inspired and what not. :)