Headshots a.k.a. H E doublehockeysticks on the Nerves

If you've been on any of my social media accounts in the last 12 hours, you know that two things happen tomorrow.

The first:

and the second:
Indiana Small Business Expo

I'm freaking out a bit about the one and really, really excited for the other. Can you guess which is which??

Let's just say, the thought of handing out business cards and rubbing shoulders with the who's who of Indiana Small Business Owners sounds AWESOME and like an incredible opportunity and I'm pretty pumped.

But... ummm.... headshots?!

Like, someone's gonna zoom in really close on my face and see all of my unwanted hair follicles and blemishes and not-as-white-as-it-could-be smile?! Ack! How do people do this?!

So, like any true nerd, I've been looking it up. Since I'm doing the whole design thing these days, I'm thinking somewhat artsy while still business-like is the vibe I'm after. Like maybe a headshot or two with this hairstyle and then another one or two with this one. I'm thinking a a button up shirt, to make it clear that I'm a professional, but rather fun hair to show that I'm artsy and creative.

This may very well be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad plan.
And I can't believe how nervous I am!

Wish me luck. I'm doing lots of over-analyzing of my makeup choices and eyebrow plucking schemes and generally turning something simple and fun into a frenzy of stress (this is how I do). It can't be nearly as bad I'm aniticipating, though, so it's bound to be somewhat fun! If they turn out okay, you'll see them. If not.... well, you might just see them anyway.

*fingers crossed*

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  1. love the messy side pony! i am sure they will turn out great. good luck

  2. bahaha the idea of networking makes me want to crawl up in a ball and die. But I take pictures of myself for a living. Go figure. You're adorbz & you'll look beautiful.