"For me, it was always going to be about love." #AboutTime

What an incredible story! I got to attend a pre-screening of it last night, and oh. my. gosh. 
If you're really into "chick flicks," you're going to love it. It's flirty. It's fun. It's adorable. It's a happy ending.
If you're not really into them, don't write it out just yet. 
This film had so many elements about time [obviously] ...[see what I did there?] and our lives and how we choose to look at our precious moment throughout the day and how our relationships affect us and how, if we're very intentional about it, we can live the very best life we can imagine.

A lesson I am DYING to learn at this point in life. When so much is going on that is tense and nerve-wracking and uncertain, it would be nice to have the perspective that it's just life and we're here to enjoy it, so why not?

Any chance I could get a brain transplant for one with less worrying mechanism and more "just go with it"-ive-ness???

In any case, two thumbs WAY UP for this flick. And, for my heart-on-your-sleeve friendos, bring some Kleenex. :)

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  1. ahh i saw the preview for this the other day! i really want to see it.