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At some point in high school or my early years of college, I somehow acquired this massive book called The Quotationary. I read through it a few times, but always felt a little bit lackluster about the quotes included in the seemingly be-all-end-all collection of quotes in the world. I mean, The Quotationary?! They should all be there, and well organized to boot.

I'm not sure when this love of quotes started, but I am like an addict when it comes to others' perfectly placed words or universal thoughts. I am enchanted by the way someone I've never met has felt this thing I'm feeling, and felt it harder, and said it better, and now years later, I get to borrow their words and breathe in the emotion, the whelmed feeling, the words they so eloquently uttered.

Okay. Okay. I wax on. But you get it, right?

You sit down with a great novel, or even a not-so-great one that you picked up from the discount rack at an airport in a moment of layover panic, and you stumble across a line at the moment you least expect it. You're simply reading along, enjoying, amused by the characters and suddenly, BAM, you read a line, a paragraph, a passage that will never fully leave your consciousness.

I am collector of these phrases. They eek out of me at random moments, and sometimes I lose them for a time and forget they exist, but then when I reconnect with a quote long forgotten, it's a double joy: discovery, once again, and also reunited with a long lost friend.

I hope you like quotes. I think it's a sign of respect for our language and our heritage and our history to quote great minds from the past, and the present too, I suppose.

I'm not sure what got me on this quote kick tonight. I ate at Waffle House for dinner, then spent 45 minutes on an elliptical, and now I'm rather exhausted, so perhaps it was a perfect storm??

In any case, happy end of the weekend. Let's get this week started, shall we? I have a feeling it will be a particularly kick-ass week.

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  1. i think for me it is the fact that someone can put something much more eloquently than i can, even if the thought is so simple. there is beauty in words for sure.