Business Dump

So if you've been following along, you know that I started my own web design business in August, specifically for small businesses and nonprofits. Since then, I've built 6 websites and learned 10 bazillion things. While there have definitely been ups and downs so far, I'm so excited about some upcoming UPS!

What?! I got the sample posting in my email inbox today and it goes live in 2 days! How stinking cool is that?? Don't worry. There will be links errwhere.

Last week was the Indiana Small Business Expo and I'm attending a few more networking events, and as a result, I've got meetings pretty much every day this week. Like, with real business owners. Like... what?!

I am now the proud possessor of hundreds of business cards and postcards highlighting my services, my token image, and my mad skillz. I'm planning to share these puppies on any possible occasion. Thank you, VistaPrint.

Okay, not exactly. Logistically speaking, my kid sister doesn't actually count as an employee, but she will get to help me out for a few hours each week and I'll repay her in Trident Layers.

My new neighbor (and client!) has been a small business owner for a few years now and she's just a fount of knowledge and information. She's so generous with her time, expertise, and delicious Keurig Coffee concoctions. So glad to have a business mentor living right next door!

Recently, while reading Web Marketing for Dummies, I discovered that blogging would be a GREAT asset to my new business and I was like, "HOLLLLAAA" cuz I'm basically a blogging addict and now it can help me put the word out about Web Design by Sarah?!?! They have a bunch of other web marketing tips in that book, but this one pretty much made me cry tears of joy. You can check out the Web Design by Sarah Blog and let me know what you think! To keep it fun and interesting, I'm thinking a post every couple of weeks will be manageable, so there's only one post for now! But there will be more!!

I still have so much to learn and long road ahead before I feel like I can call myself a professional, but, man.... this is good stuff, right?

Live your dreams! I know I'm certainly trying to.

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  1. good you!!! this is so exciting. if i had a small business. i would use you, if that counts?!

  2. YAYAYAYAYAYYYYYYY Congratulations!!! You're such a baller. I'm so proud!!!

  3. That's so awesome!!!! Happy for you!