Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend was fan-stinking-tastic. I'm sitting here trying to write about it and my mind is a mushy haze with all of the memories made. I took like 2 pictures total, so you'll find them scattered throughout this post at will, applicable or no to surrounding text.
On to the show.

Friday evening we headed down to James's hometown for Heritage Weekend. We sat around a campfire [awesome] with old friends [awesomer] drinking beer and catching up [awesome-ist].

[now that's a corndog...]

Saturday morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn to work Farmers Markets with his family. Until a year ago, I had never even been to a Farmers Market. Now, I work them sometimes. nbd. So we earned a few dollas and left straight from market up to my hometown.

An hour and 45 minute drive later, we got a little lost and then a little found at Libby & Jezra's new house! It was GORGEOUS. I took no pictures this entire weekend, so you'll have to take my word for it, but trust me. gorge. Or, I suppose, you could check out Libby's blog. [warning: her kiddos are adorbs. be prepared to want one. a kiddo, that is]

[during a bored moment on Facebook, I discovered this HP bracelet exists. 
Now, I need it. Oh, and I screenshotted it so I'm posting it as a pic from this
weekend. #stillcounts]

Saturday afternoon, we spent hanging out and catching up with some of my old friends from high school [and all their babies!!]! Seeing all of these gals that I grew up with making the Mom-thing look good, well... it got me thinking. ....and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

We headed back down for Round 2 of Heritage and I drank A LOT of beer and danced my urban club dances [that I've picked up from 4 years of city livin'] in a biergarten surrounded by flannel and cowboy boots. I may have tripped over a speaker.... Otherwise, smashing success.

[I said, "Say cheese!" He pouted instead. #communication #love #reallife]

Sunday morning was a bit rough, but hey. #worthit After pooling our collective earnings from the Markets, we determined that the time had finally come to get ourselves a couch. Eep! I cannot express effectively the excitement this caused in our little household. C.O.U.C.H.

[direct quote from the boy, "Now this place feels like a home.]

Getting back to Indy and getting that thing set up pretty much spelled the end of me. By 8:30pm, I was in bed and got myself a full 12 hours. Now, here we are. And I've wasted enough time blogging.

Time to WORK.

Happy Monday to you!

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  1. campfires and farmers market. so jelly.

  2. I love the bracelets!! That's so awesome that you did a campfire, I have never done that. I guess it's not popular where I'm from. Thanks for sharing.

  3. YAY COUCHES!!! Our apts are coming together so nicely! Now let's hang out. Also, NO BABIES.