True Life :: Budgeting Like an Adult Edition

I've raved about before, but then I kinda fell off the wagon but today I jumped right back on that wagon with both feet. Anyway, after working out all of my monthly "budgets" and comparing them to my old ones, I don't know how I ever lived on so little money before! Like, not that there's a ton coming in these days, but seriously. I was making roughly the same amount each week as a 15 year old at minimum wage and I didn't even know it!

Anyway, after working out the new budgets, this happened:

Mint breaks down your monthly spending for you and this is my result. As in, absolutely NO fun spending And that biggo "Home" section? Well, it's mostly because we finally got a couch [holla!] and not because we've been pimping out our new crib. Like, for real. Yesterday, we got a shower curtain.... in ONE of the bathrooms. #sadness

So, anyway. Hope you're having a good day and not budgeting like I just did. Sheesh. 

Oh, and if you're not using Mint, you should check it out. Like, the reason we never stick to a budget is because it's so much work, right? This site connects to your bank account and tracks all of your spending automatically. Better yet, it texts you when you go over budget. It would be like having your parent's credit card and getting scolded for going over, except it's your dough and you gotta make it work.


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  1. mint makes me sad because it makes me realize i have no fun money left after budgeting.