the sunday currently

↑ 4 hours or so of this Sunday were spent like so.  #sisters 
And, in the midst of that, realizing that today marks the year-aversy of that time I met that guy and we hit it off and one thing led to another and now, we live together. No big deal. 

Buttttttt anyway. Onto the currentlies:

 reading  A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. Still...

 writing  phone numbers and other contact info for potential clients! Eep!

 listening  to my sister gush about some new app she discovered. "Wish" or something like that?? #kidsthesedays

 thinking  how crazy it is that I met my boosky a whole year ago. If you had told year-ago-me that this is where we'd be, I'd laugh in your face. True story.

 smelling  pool hair.

 wishing  my bank account would suddenly be gifted with a generous, anonymous sum from a generous, anonymous donor. Tax free.

 hoping  this sun-tanning sesh today doesn't turn into a burnt, peeling mess by Tuesday. Also, when I googled "sunburn gif," this happened...

When your friend has a sunburn:

 wearing  a clean dress! And my herr braided. And, weird for a Sunday, deodorant!!

 wanting   froyo, yo. Because it's Labor Day weekend, which means summer is almost at an end, so I clearly have lost all of my excitement for pumpkin spice lattes and campfires with the impending sense of loss that is The Pool Closing. dun dun dunnnnn

 needing  more Coke Zero. never.enough.

 feeling  like a nap is appropriate, even though I slept until 1:30pm yesterday and 11-something today. 

[ I have mono?]

 clicking  THIS, found on her blog. I might have developed an intense a bit of girl crush on Ms. Brooke Lyn. No lies. [is that creepy?]

This Sunday Currently brought to you in part by siddathornton.

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    1. Some people won't get it, and for those people, I weep. #DumbledoresArmy4Life

  2. Oo, cute blog - I am jealous of your new agenda (and froyo), it matches your blog theme so well :)


    1. Thanks, girl! I am pretty much in love with my planner too! :)
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!!

  3. " wishing my bank account would suddenly be gifted with a generous, anonymous sum from a generous, anonymous donor. Tax free."

    I'm with you on this. ;)