Thank You, Thought Catalog

Never thought I'd say this, but this was a really inspiring piece in Thought Catalog.

"Dye your hair, get a tramp stamp, dance your face off, figure out how to put on a spare tire, run because it’s primal and freeing, volunteer at the local animal shelter because selflessness can be therapeutic, read, fail, succeed, cook alone, cook for others, burn the photographs that are too difficult to look at or keep them forever in a shoebox on the top shelf of your closet next to your favorite pair of jeans, learn to mix the perfect Bloody Mary, send yourself flowers, watch porn, go on witcha bad self, have an adventure, have another adventure, and find a way to love yourself more than anyone else ever has. And then go out and find the person who can give you a run for your money."

Love yourself more than anybody else in the world. Love your humor and your hobbies and your body. Love this crazy, messed up, somewhat awkward but still hilarious person that is you. That's the key to happiness, dearies.

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. I saw that Thought Catalog post earlier and LOL'd. It's so funny how we, as women, think that we're getting back at our boyfriends by changing ourselves ... when we should really be searching for happiness within ourselves and the beautiful things that surround us.

    Silly girls.

    XOXO Fal

  2. all of the yeses. - find a way to love yourself more than anyone else ever has