Something about "pumpkins" and Romy & Michele

Right now, the temperature outside is 60 degrees. And the low tonight is 43 degrees. And I've got a cup of coffee in hand and a cotton, button-up long-sleeved shirt on my back and I feel pretty good about this thing called life. And maybe I've spent 26 of the 29 minutes I've been awake so far today oggling "fall" things on Pinterest. And I am oh-so-okay with it.

And since I reread Anne of Green Gables lately, finding this particular pin spoke to me on a number of levels.

Tonight, I'm headed to my first ever "Heritage Weekend" in Lanesville, IN. You've never heard of it? Weird. Because people from Lanesville seem to think it's like the Holy Grail of fairs, food tents, biergartens, and small town charm all rolled into one. The jury is out. But I am excited to see, and meet even more of, the boy's home people.

And then tomorrow? We're headed back up to my hometown for a cookout/picnic/outdoor-movie-viewing with some of my favorite people from high school [who I also haven't seen in like.... years].

So I guess that kinda makes this a Reunion Weekend.

Pardon me while I go cram in one more sesh on the elliptical.

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  1. That Pumpkin picture is one of my favorite Ocotber pics out there!!

    XOXO Bunnie

  2. so are you telling people you something to do with inventing the post it too?

  3. Don't forget to wear your heels! best movie ever.