Somebody get this girl a cheeseburger... stat.

So, you guys shared my new website yesterday and I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH. ♥♥♥
Y'all are da bomb dot com.
Poems/haikus are coming soon.

Now, onto the topic on my heart today: skinniness.

I've been known to fall into the trap just like any other girl. The non-fat, no whip, no sugar, no flavor, absolutely NO carbs plz trap. We all have our reasons for how we order our food and bevvies when we're out and about, so do your thang, girlfriends. But if ↓  this  is one of your reasons, we might need to have a little talk.

This new ad for Vicki C's PINK came across my newsfeeds this morning and I was like, "Uhhh. What?"

I'm not one to hate on people who are genetically super thin. Some people try for ages to put on weight [dudes mostly, but still] and it just never happens. So, maybe this is just how her body looks.

I'm SO not into it as a "goal" or "ideal" body type. Of all the skinny girl pics on Pinterest and workout inspiration Twitter feeds and even my own post about it a few months ago, I've never truly grasped the unhealthiness of it all until this very pic. Is it just me [hint: it isn't. Snapp already weighed in] or does she look like she might be making some very unhealthy choices regarding food and exercise?

Maybe you know [and maybe you don't] that I struggled with my own personal weight battle in college. Year-round basketball practices as a kid gave me a big appetite and a lot of muscles. However when those practices stopped, the appetite did not.

So, by sophomore year of college, I weighed [literally] as much as a linebacker. Like, only 13 lbs less than this guy. It was a long time ago, and I kind of forget sometimes now. Which is funny, when you think of how much your weight affects your life and choices... but anyway. I digress. People messaged and emailed me as I lost weight and asked me, "What's your secret??" I'm going to reveal it here to you today, so use this knowledge wisely, k?


If you're doing those two things, your body is going to look great. It will be healthy. And being healthy is such a better body goal than being skinny. And if there's anybody that thinks that chick of up there is hotter than this chick right here...

Well, I just don't know what to tell ya. JLaw is my go-to gal for just about everything, but especially about being hot AND eating food. I just discovered this BuzzFeed article about it actually.

 It's hilarious. And fantastic. And TRUE. I'm hungry.

Happy eating grilled cheeses and s'mores around campfires and taking walks with your dogs and throwing footballs in the yard and all of those things that are wonderful AND healthy, even if they're not always skinny.

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  1. Yay! So happy for your site. And I couldn't agree more with this story. :) Healthy is always my goal- far above being skinny.

  2. As someone whose body has looked like the girl in the first picture for my whole life {except, I'm guessing I'm significantly shorter:) }'s just a little bit sad to hear again the implied comparison that a woman with curves is hotter than a woman without curves. Not that I should care about that, because I am the way I am. Besides, with me being short and thin and my hubby being the same way, we match! (My 6 foot plus relatives think we're like mini-people). There is a very good point here--that the genetically skinny and curve-less people are not 'there', they would do well to eat well and exercise too. I didn't realize that till I was 18 or 19--I'm still the same size, but more regular exercise and a diet based on fruits, veggies, and protein means that I feel a lot better every day!

  3. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this. The end.