Sept 8th Camera Roll Rewind

So, if you were me this week, your iPhone camera roll would look a bit like this.

SO MUCH EXCITEMENT about these on-sale, and then couponed, shelves from Target that you called 5 local stores to find in stock and then accidentally turned into an entertainment center and now are kind of in love with.


The beginnings of a photoshoot of the kitten you're currently fostering in hopes that if you send out enough heart-melting photos, someone will realize how desperately they need this little nugget to join their household and rule their lives.

A pic from that moment while unpacking that you realized your super nerdy cool boyfriend has as many board games as you have, and now you have to find a way to store ALL of them, including all 5 versions of Trivial Pursuit [which you're pretty sure no one actually likes to play because it's always out-of-date and no one knows any of the answers...]

A gratuitous shot of you holding a Spotted Cow beer from WI, which you sent to your bestie in Illinois who is considering moving to Milwaukee and has informed you that this very brew is one of the Top Three Reasons to live there. [note: See "Cassie" in The Crew for more details.]

A sweet shot of the lake view in your backyard that you and your boosky and his old roommate and his girlfriend enjoyed while making cheese-filled burgers and bacon-wrapped scallion thingies on the grill on Saturday. Before the party had to move inside to watch the Gators game, that is.

Your "Outfit Of The Day" from Saturday (which you forgot to do on Friday) to document that you have, indeed, lived another day in a dress. Only 4 months to go! So proud of Monica for hanging in there while she trains for her marathon. Imagine running in a skirt! #cray

And, lastly, an artistic (?) pic of your Sunday School outfits on the first day that you and your bf attended church together [excluding that time you were in the back pew of a church for a wedding and he kept attempting to call the wrath of God down on you both by pinching you in no-no zones]. His mom was up visiting this weekend and she came too! When you got home from lunch at Cheesecake Factory [mmMMMMmm], church peeps had left home-made cookies at your door to show their appreciation for your visit!

Your life, my dears, sounds pretty ding-dang-dong good. :)

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