Last week, I promised whomever shared a link to my updated Web Design by Sarah site would receive, in return, a poem written by yours truly. It was tough work, but these are some excellent muses. Try not to be too jealz... These ladies earned it.

for BL - a haiku

ahhhh, snap. maybe we 
can haz snap chat bathroom self
eee's cause we'ze homies?

for Mac - a limerick

Far away to San Fran you flew,
to do what good dreamers do
like  follow your heart,
and change your stars,
and take me to concerts with you... 

for Snapp - an acrostic

How many gchats,
Emails, and texts make up our friendship?

It would take years to count them all
So instead,

Why don't we promise again to dance to this on
Exceptionally important days in our futures?

Thanks for being AWESOME, guys.

Also, poemless readers, it's never too late to get in on this action. Share my biz with small business owners and/or nonprofits who need a new look on their company sites [and let me know about it] and you too could be featured in such fine fashion. What's not to love, really?

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