Living with Roommates: Boyfriend Edition

So, you signed the lease, changed your address, and hauled all of your mutual junk into this little two bedroom apartment... Now what?

With nearly a month of living with a boy under my belt [practically an expert], I realized last night that I've learned a few things and felt it was my duty to pass them on.

You see, when you decide to live together, you're thinking this:

All day, errday. 

But reality is a little bit less exciting [generally speaking].

Then, you start learning things. For example, he doesn't wash his face. Like, ever. Not in the morning before work. Not after a long workout. And certainly not before bed. And now, when you wash your face, you feel like a bit of diva with a "beauty routine." But seriously, it's just washing your face!! Otherwise you'd be spotty and oily. Nobody got time for that.

Also, he isn't nearly as interested in watching Dirty Dancing, He's Just NOT That Into You, Titanic, or any other movie he once loved to come over to YOUR place and snuggle with you while watching. Now, you'll be invited to spoon while watching Brave Heart or Shawshank Redemption. [both great movies, just not titles that inspire warm fuzzies in a girl's pitter-pattering heart]

Cue castration clip, please.

Now that you're officially a "We-Live-Together Couple," you may have expected dinner time to start looking more like:

[minus the nuggets, of course]

NOPE. Tostinos Pizza Rolls in front of the TV it is. 

Other things: You'll realize you're OCD about things you never even noticed before. Like, he doesn't sort and pair his clean socks, and the huge-sock-pile-o-doom in your closet floor will make you want to hyperventilate each time you see it, so you'll find separate sock drawers for His and Hers. And on mornings when you could really use a snuggle, you'll wake to find YOUR cat curled up on YOUR boyfriend, and you'll be all alone on your side of the bed, sad and cold. #fact Also, now you completely understand why all of those sitcoms get belly laughs about the correct position of a neutral toilet seat. 

So, there you have it, friends and neighbors. Behind the scenes of couple-y bliss as we know it. I could brag about the brunch by the pool he cooked [served with mimosas, of course], or that he keeps surprising you with your favorite things [i.e. Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos], or that he drives the hour and a half down to your family's impromptu Labor Day cookout on a whim, or that he looks really adorable in his button up shirts and ties before school in the mornings, or.... the list is endless. But, really, where's the fun in that?

The fact that these are my biggest worries about living with this guy, well... I'd say I found myself a solid. :)
[also, please note position of toilet seat. poor Barbie.]

Happy Living With The People You Live With Today!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon


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