Intimidated much?

So, I sometimes do this thing where I get really intimidated by other fabulous ladies out there. It doesn't seem to matter what it is. Like, if I have a friend who is really into SnapChatting images/vids of her super cute bf, I'm like, "Ugggh. Does this mean I don't like my boyfriend enough?! Clearly, if I was as into him as she is into him, he'd be a SnapChat legend by now. Ugggh."

Or if someone is really into music, and listens to a bunch of bands and songs I've never heard of and gets super jazzed about going to concerts where band members have beards and tattoos and skinny jeans, I'm like, "Man. I really have sucky taste in music. I need to be cooler. Like her. I should troll YouTube for some covers of songs and see if there's anybody cool out there I can get into." But, no. I keep to my old standbys...

Or if a blogger I stumble across writes REALLY AWESOME posts and I'm sitting there reading along like, "Dang. She's hilarious. I should be more hilarious. Omigosh, and her style is awesome too. And she picks good gifs [because we all know there's actually art to that ish] to accent her posts. And she kind of reminds me of Jess. I bet she sings her theme song all the time, too. Ugggggh. I wish I could be more like herrrrrrr. OMG. She just responded to my tweet. Eep!!!"

Or when someone only tweets once every 5 days but the tweets are ALWAYS EPIC. Like, every single one of them. And then I'm over here scrolling back through my tweets like, "Blech. I'm so lame. Who cares if I woke up early and needed coffee? Sheesh. Could have been way more clever with that Miley update. I should do cooler things with my time." 

Or someone has a really stinking cool life. Like, they move to California because they can and drink wine on Lake Tahoe or spend  their lives traveling to places that involve lots of boats and nautical striped outfits or they live in  New York City and talk about reading during their subway commute to work each morning. And I look at my life and I'm like, 

Anyway, rather than a sob sesh or anything lame like that, I just wanted to give a shout out to all of the fabulous, gorgeous, hilarious, and clever ladies and gents that grace the interwebs each day. Your efforts do not go unnoticed. Rather, they are noted, and envied, and sometime [gulp] emulated in these adventures of a certain picaroon.

Stay awesome, San Diego!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. I love the bottom one! that is sooo me!

    XOXO Bunnie

  2. right there with you.... for the record, i think snap chats of someone's bf would be annoying... gimmie ugly girl face instead!!!!