Did I mention there's A LOT going on these days???

Like, yesterday I ordered business cards [yay!] and today I put an ad for my business on Craigslist [terrifying...]. I signed up for like 3 small biz networking events and I'm ready to rock and roll. So, on that end of things, life is good. Never mind the fact that should someone actually ask me a question at one of these events, I'll most likely just smile at them awkwardly since they are real business owners and I'm a fraud  newbie. Butttttt it's going, and that's important.

In other news, I spent way too much time this past week or so filled with anxiety about (1) this little business of mine, (2) commitment to .... anything, (3) how I feel about sexuality, porn, its psychological impacts on men and women, how it fits into our biology vs morality vs self-value schema, anddddd women's lib [I promise you. this one has caused me to lose sleep at night this week. rando, right?], and (4) the old stand-by: money.

But did I force my little sister to take adorable pics of my boo and I as we laid sprawled out on a blanket in Nana's yard? Yes. And then, like any true iPhone-carrying-white-girl, used Over to pretty them up.


Please note the hint of a Winnie the Pooh pillow under his head in the first image that, weirdly, is missing from the second. #SettingUpTheSceneLikeABaws I always feel weird posting pics of us on Instagram and stuff, like maybe people will roll their eyes and shake their heads like I do when other people post lovey dovey crap, but then I think, "Hey. If you don't like it, don't look at it." and I feel better. Because pep talking yourself into doing things can be a very good strategy. And right now, I'm ALL about strategies.

Happy Friday.
I must go finish drinking coffee from the owl mug my Nana gifted me as a house-warming present.
Until next time, let's back our azzes up with Whitney.

(on repeat NON STOP in my life this week)

 xo Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

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  1. but no really, how cool is over?! i know there are more important things i should probably be commenting on in this post, but I LOVE OVER. ps. happy friday, new biz owner.