The day before the day before THE DAY.

Moving in to our new place this week. Finally!
We have sorted and tossed and scrapped and packed and painted our little hearts out. 
James is starting work at his new school tomorrow (eep!), so the final preparations will mostly be my responsibility. This could mean picking up one last piece of big furniture (or not). It could mean more painting (probably so). It may mean I'm a big ball of sweaty agitation for about 10 hours on Wednesday (signs point to "yes"). It definitely means that we'll be moved in in just a few short days! 

FYI, this entry way makes my heart pitter patter a little faster. 

And this:

OOOOOH, and this:

You know what? Just do us both a favor and check out all 38 blue-n-white decor designs on HouseBeautiful and know that I'm drooling all over myself out of my need for these things. 

Best wishes for a great week to you! Here's hoping something so earth-shatteringly exciting is happening in your life right now as well! Ahhhhhh! So excited!

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