Like a real life blogger cheat code (↓↓↓←↑↑←←↓)

Okay, so I'm a hard worker [most of the time] and I love when things are done right [all of the time], but when a short cut works and makes life easier, I'm not one of those workaholics who'd rather do it the hard way just to feel satisfied.

All of that is a round about way of saying, my blogging life has been infinitely easier since downloading the Google+ App and having it automatically back up my iPhone photos. I know there are other options, like Dropbox (but I think it has a storage limit) and other sites, but for blogging purposes, this. is. perfect.


You see, when I start to post a photo of that day my braid looked awesome or that cool cave I visited last week or a super adorable bearded man winning me a prize at the fair or a screenshot of my phone because someone who's phone number is "7" is calling [that's weird, right?], 

it's already in the menu in my blog editor. 

How it works:

When I want to use a photo that's already on my phone (but not in my email or on my computer or in my dropbox), all I have to do is click on this "From your phone" tab and...

Ready to rock and roll. :)

My only issue: I have my autobackup set up to occur only when I'm on WiFi (data-saver), so it sometimes takes a few minutes of being in a WiFi zone for all of my photos to be accessible. Otherwise, the album is set to private (so nothing embarrassing escapes!) and I can share them when and how I want to!

Team, this is a worthy app. Totally free!
Also, Google folks have no clue that I'm raving about this today (until their trolling bots pick it up?), so no one is paying me, asking me, or even hinting that I should suggest this app to you guys. It's just saving me SO MUCH GRIEF. 

And now, hopefully, you're blogging life is just a little easier. :)

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

ps. Until I started this post, I had NO CLUE that it creates gifs and collages for you! i.e.

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  1. This is SO cool... thanks for posting about it! But how do you have it do the gifs and collages? I think it would be really cool to create gifs out of personal photographs.

    1. I'm not sure exactly how it works! I didn't intend to make a gif, but I think we took 5 or 6 photos of the same general scene and it put them all together on its own. I've noticed a few collages too (like the one in the bottom left of my "From your phone" menu) that I didn't actually make either! It's been really helpful!