In which @MacKensieG discusses noodles... and using your noodle. (innuendo?)

I know Sarah is a pre-planner who is responsible and does things in a way that makes sense, but I like to think that the reason we are straight up bloggie BFFs is because I'm not that way at all. So while Sarah's been pinning adorable reading nooks and perfect, matching furniture for this apartment that she picked out with her super adorable boo months ago, I'm over here like, "Hey, I just met you and this crazy, but I think you're cool, let's move in together?" Then about two weeks later my super cool new roommate and I threw our dogs together hoping they'd get along and we still don't have a couch, a living room table and due to my lack of dresser, I'm searching through suitcases to find undies (or bikini bottoms, depending on what comes first) in the morning. But the important thing here is that our dogs get along and we have the essentials.

You may be asking yourself, "What exactly are the essentials if you don't even have a dresser? And you didn't tell me this, but I'm assuming you spent the first few days sleeping on an air mattress, too." You would be right, and also had my parents not been in town, there's a good chance I would still be sleeping on that air mattress, but the essentials for moving into an apartment are those things in which you cannot live without and they are as follows:

Ramen Noodles -- These bad boys are perfection in a little orange, plastic bag (because you always get the chicken flavor. Always. The shrimp one will seriously scar you for life). Not only are they, like, 12 for a dollar, but you don't even need utensils to enjoy them. Just break them apart, sprinkle that little foil packet of sodium-packed goodness on top and crunch until your tongue shrivels up like a salted slug and bask in the greatness that is having your own place.

Wine -- I think this one goes without saying, but extra points if you go for the boxed vino variety as it has a much higher volume capacity and it's just a damn bargain. Wine glasses are not at all necessary. Coffee mugs are a great alternative, and in a pinch you could always just put your head under the super convenient boxed wine spigot.

Partini and/or Apples to Apples -- Board games are the absolute best for breaking in a new place and Partini was one of my college faves. It's essentially every drinking game ever rolled into one conveniently packaged box that contains all the tools you usually have to drunkenly ransack the place to find. Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity are also great go-to board games. It's really a great feeling knowing where your priorities lie when you're sitting directly on the floor around a game board because you have yet to find chairs, tables or couches of any sort.

Protection -- This, of course, only applies if you're moving into a new place with your boyf for the first time (in other words, it doesn't apply to me. At all.). We all know there's going to be some Marvin Gaye pumping out of those tiny iPhone speakers, so just make sure you wrap it up so you don't have an unwanted housewarming gift in nine months.

I think that about covers all the new apartment essentials! I would, of course, need hangover supplies like sour cream and onion Pringles, Gatorade and sweet tea, but that's just me. Best of luck, bloggie bestie. Can't wait to see photos of the new place! Come visit me at One to Nothin for more chaotic adventures!

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