In which Em Snapp explains Moving Tips. Or, as she calls it, BLOG POST!!

Hey there!  Guest posting here by Emily Snapp (Sarah’s in real life bestie boo).  Sarah asked me to write some of my thoughts about moving.  My first thought was what the heck do I know about moving?!  But really… I have moved A TON.  I have lived in two different houses on the east side of Indy, then moved to the south side, then to the north side, and now to the west side.  In between, I made several moves to and from Purdue, home for the summers, Missouri for a couple summers – living out of a suitcase, lived from two different places (Purdue and Ma and Pa’s), just moved into my new office space yesterday, and plan to move ALL my stuff again within a couple months!  After all of these moves, I have found just a few different tips and tricks that make more enjoyable… or at least bearable?! J
Warning: These “tips” are really just my obsessive compulsive tendencies.
1.      Clean first!  I have found that it is WAY easier to do a deep cleaning before moving into a new space.  Before all the junk and boxes are piled around and covering the floor, get that place looking perfect.  Put down all the drawer liner, sweep all the floors, clean the windows, etc.  That way when you get all your stuff in there, it’s all just the fun unpacking and organizing.
2.      When in doubt, throw it out.  There is no better time than moving to PURGE!  If I haven’t worn it in the last couple years, forgot I even had it, or didn’t know I had it, chances are I don’t need it.  Knowing that when you unpack, it is only stuff that you really want and are going to use is such peace of mind.  (And prevents your new place from getting clutter-y!)
3.      Create an “Oh yeah!budget.  No matter how stocked the place you live now is, there will always be some unexpected expense when you move.  There will be some utensil that is lost in the move, some organizer you just have to have, or maybe just a decoration you happen to see at Target and your new place will have the perfect spot for it and you just can’t pass it up!  Having that extra little bit of cash will make that “Oh yeah!” moment less stressful.
4.      First things first. What worked for me is moving all the furniture first, then the boxes.  Once you have everything into the space, you can take your time arranging and re-arranging and getting everything just so. J
5.      Label! Pretty self-explanatory.  Just makes it easier for friends or helpers to know where boxes go.
Happy moving!
<3 Em Snapp

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