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When the lovely Miss Sarah asked me to write a post for her blog, I have to admit I was terrified.  I do not consider myself a writer and, in fact, hate to write.  I would much rather be working on math problems or solving some sort of brain teaser than to write, but I do love Sarah, so I will write for her.  [True friend. ♥]

New Orleans!
So I asked her what I should write about and she told me moving.  Moving, well I sure have done a ton of that throughout my lifetime, so that should be an easy topic. 

I was born in Illinois and have lived in Virginia, New York, Indiana, Missouri, and currently live in Nevada.   Indiana has been the state I have lived in the longest, 13 years; whereas, everywhere else has been for 5 years or less.  

My most recent move though had to be one of my favorites.  I enjoyed it the most because I did not have to pack anything.  IGT, the company my husband works for, paid for us to have movers come into our two bedroom townhouse on the campus of University of Central Missouri, where Husband Tom (HT) got his masters’ degree in Mathematics. [Imagine Algebra class lasting for 6 y.e.a.r.s. That's what a Masters in Math sounds like to me. #torture]

These movers came in early one day, packed all our stuff in a day, while I sat quietly on the sofa and
HT is scared that I'm driving, haha!
watched reruns of Grey’s Anatomy on Lifetime.  The next day, the movers came back and then loaded all our stuff into the truck in just over an hour and then left.  It was really amazing to have someone else do all the stuff I hate.  Packing is truly the worst, or at least it is to me.  It makes me sad, because it gives me time to think about leaving all the people that I have grown to love and cherish.  
[A nice way to look at it. Trying really hard to excited about this packing/unpacking thing...]

Once all the hard stuff was done, our long journey began.  We were moving from Warrensburg, Missouri to Reno, NV, practically cross-country and the furthest West either of us have ever lived.  But before we could get to Reno, we had to drive back to Indianapolis to say good-bye to my family and our friends.  Sarah was very kind to watch our cat, Mozzy, [Ralph fell IN LOVE with that fine feline] for us when we were at my parents’ house, since most of my family is allergic to cats.  

HT bowling in Baton Rouge
Once we left Indy, we drove down to Evansville to say good-bye to HT’s family and our friends down there.  From Evansville we drove down to Baton Rouge, LA for HT to bowl in the National Bowling Tournament that was being hosted there that year.  While in Baton Rouge, we took a side trip to New Orleans (it is only 2 hours away from Baton Rouge, so fun!).  From Baton Rouge, we then drove across Texas (16+ hours), up through New Mexico, Arizona, and most of Nevada to Reno.  

We drove 16 hours through Texas in one day [woof], because I had calculated that if we did most of the driving that first day, we would be able to make it to Phoenix by dinner time the second day.  This was important because I wanted to be able to hang out with Ashley and Mo Kane.  We were able to have dinner with them and visit a little before we continued on that night to Kingman, AZ.  From Kingman we drove through Las Vegas and the final 8 hours up to Reno.  

I must say both Texas and Nevada are both very boring states to drive through, but Texas is a little more fun because you can drive 85 mph on the interstate [that's my girl ;)].  When we got to Reno, we were given temporary housing from IGT. 

We made it to Nevada!
This temporary housing was for only 1 month, and our stuff was only going to be stored for 1 month, but if you remembered all the way back to the beginning of my story, my stuff had been shipped many days earlier (in fact our stuff arrived in Reno, May 6th and we arrived May 19th, that is a 15 day difference!).  So we had to hurry and start apartment hunting the first weekend we had free.  

Also I did not have a job so I was job hunting as well [I feel that pain, girlfriend].  Turns out we were able to get a two bedroom/two bathroom, with laundry and a dishwasher apartment by June 6th and I had a job by June 4th! So our stuff got dropped off June 6th and then HT and I had 15 days to unpack before we had to be out of the temporary place. So it all worked out but for a few short weeks it was a little stressful! It was an interesting trip and a whole lot of fun, so we took many pictures.  Just wish we were able to stop at more places along the trip to sight see a bit more.   

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