Cave Dweller

When was the last time you visited a cave?
If you were the me, the answer would, "YESTERDAY!"
Guys, caves are really cool. So yeah, creepy no-eyed fish live down there and you feel like the walls and ceiling could cave at [literally] any second and there's lots of dripping and echoing going on, but seriously SO COOL.
It just blows my mind a bit that so much coolness exists right under our feet. That rivers flow and creatures scurry and cave-life goes on pretty much uninterrupted as it has for, like, a bazillion years. I was going to do a really fun post with lots of cave photos, but they're not uploading, so how about a peek inside our KEY WEST camping trip instead?!

First of all, we had to get there.


Then we snapped a pick to text to MacKensie G. as we passed her hometown!

ps. It's her birthday today,
so if you wish her a Happy Birthday,
it's 5 points for Gryffindor.
We set up camp.
Way too adorable, right?
We watched a sunrise and sunset or two.

And mostly spent every evening at McDonalds borrowing wifi and chugging Diet coke. ;) 

Also, apparently, where the cool kids in Key West
hang out. #not #teenagersshouldbesupervisedatalltimes

I won't bore you with the details of the 18 hour drive home [or the swanky Jacuzzi suite we stopped in half way through]. All in all, I'd say this trip is one we will NEVER forget [the good, the bad, and the ugly].
Hoping to post cave pics for you soon!
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