A post with real value (but no money).

For starters, it's still morning in Sarahland today. Not rolling out of bed until 1:30pm, just because you can, makes this time of evening feel like brunch. It's disconcerting.
But anyway.


My kid sister is coming up to stay for the weekend. By "kid," I mean "nearly 16 years old and already out of that awkward pubescent stage and therefore is too stinking cute at too early an age to fully appreciate the awkward, gripping experience that is Almost Sixteen for the rest of the female population." See Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

Now that she's getting all grown up and doing mature things like sneaking out on occasion and texting boys until 1am on school nights and wearing itsy-bitsy bikinis, I've been considering all of those sisterly lessons I've taught her recently that have paved the way for her innate sense of coolness. Because, you see, while she's been doing her rebellious teen thing, she's also incredibly smart and funny and sweet and has a good head on her shoulders and, I might be biased but, I think she's going places, guys. For realz.

Now, about those lessons. They include [in no particular order]:

Lesson 1: Being silly is way more fun [and attractive!] than being "hot."


Lesson 2: Being smart is even more fun [and attractive!] than being silly.
Also, kindness is important. Like when someone's forehead itches, you should offer to scratch it for them.


Lesson 3: There is, in fact, an art to the Late Night Walmart Run.
This is, perhaps, the most important lesson I'll teach this wee lass in all her years. #seriously


Lesson 4: When in doubt, filter it out. 

Remember Senior Prom and your first night in the dorms and all-nighters at 
the library during finals weeks and landing your first 'big kid' job?? 
Kids these days will have all of these memories, too, but they'll look so much 
cooler to their grandkids. Thanks a lot, Instagram.


In the midst of all this bonding, you may be surprised to learn that my sister has told me repeatedly through the years that she feels sorry for my future children. "Why?" you ask. See Exhibit B.

Exhibit B.

She seems to think they will find my expectations and obvious #hardness kind of sucky when they get to be her age. I think she's right. 

Needless to say, I'm excited to host the little nugget this weekend! Cheers for family and friends and friends who are family. This post is partially inspired by her (circle-y fonts are b.a.) and her (for celebrating sisterhood in such glorious fashion). Happy Labor Day, y'all!

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  1. I love this! Everyone should know the Wal-Mart rule! And lesson number 2 is so true!

    1. Thanks! Imagine having to learn all of these valuable lessons the hard way. Oh, wait.... Ha!
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!