The Sunday Currently

 reading  A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. Need to get back on that, actually...

 writing  code!! Can you believe it?! Trying to get a little life project underway and learning how to code for "responsive" webpages is driving me cray! [but in a good way. promise.]

 listening  to Maroon 5's "Breakeven" and now Chrisitina Perri's "A Thousand Years." Basically, whatever songs this restaurant chooses to grace us with. [yes, I might be blogging at the dinner table]

 thinking  about how incredible life is. So many big things are happening for the first time and lots of changes taking place. It has been overwhelming at moments but when I take a step back to think about it, life is so truly incredible right now. 

 smelling  rice, beans, salsa, and spices at Chuy's! mmMMmm

 wishing  more time this summer had spent by the pool so far. My beachy glow is lackluster in the tan department these days.

 hoping  for safe and smooth travels in the coming weeks! So many adventures on the plucky docket.

 wearing  a tunic dress and leggings. I'm on a date, after all. [yes, I might be blogging at the dinner table while on a date. classy?]

 wanting   to nom hardcore on this taco salad in front of me.

 needing  a job, please!

 feeling  anxious, excited, scared, exhilarated, exhausted, hopeful, and any other possible emotion in the spectrum. Life, I tell ya.

 clicking this blog post!

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