Summer Standards and a Few Quirks!

Summer is such a great time to experiment with nail polish colors, eh? Consider, if you will, The Plucky Palette for Summer Nail Polish.

I'm usually a Pink, Pinker, Pinkest gal when it comes to my toesies. When I'm feeling super rebellious, I might add a touch of sparkle. However, one of my very besties just LOVES weird nail polish. Like blue. And minty green. And adding chevron stripes on an accent nail.

I might still be a bit too tame for the patterned thingies that you stick onto your nail with a file or whatever, but I do have a few zany colors at my fingertips. [← see what I did there? punny.]

Sadly, my nail polish collection has been stashed in a trunk for most of the summer. However, this week I'm in New Orleans and I am making a point to paint my nails!

Also, can someone please hook me up with whatever the secret formula is to not have my right-pointer-finger-nail-polish chip within 12 hours of painting?? #strugglebus

Find me on Instagram (@pluckypicaroon) for up-to-the-minute updates as to how quickly my second coat is drying. ;)

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

What's the craziest experiment you've ever tried with nail polish & design?

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. Today at my JOB (oh em gee i'm employeddddd) I wrote a whole article about how to make your nails not chip. soooo just consider me an expert.. although I rarely can convince myself to use nail polish remover, so who knows if i'll ever actually take advantage of said advice.. but let's just say it involves Pam.

  2. I finally successfully did a half moon style.. but in dark polish, which I love... but I probably should have done it in a lighter combo for summer. I ended up repainting it in just a few days.. but success all the same. And not too too hard. :) -Alexandra