Random. Yep.

I've really been digging this thing about "the wild air" this week. Life has had tons of surprises and upsets and, maybe it's the fear of the unknown or maybe it's a lack of faith in "things work out," but everything just feels a bit wild

Thousands of little Puck-like characters are racing around our heads, invisible, and scrambling our airwaves. The wild air is heavy and charged and full of lightening. The thing that is most expected simply canNOT happen under these conditions. 

Forecast is cloudy with a chance of who-the-heck-knows?!

Anyway. Enough with the metaphysical mumbo jumbo.

Today, we're visiting a cave! Excited-2nd-grader-inside-me-say-what? So excited for this adventure.

Other recent adventures include:

James and I put the word out with his extended family that we need a few pieces of furniture for our new place. We have been overwhelmed with offerings of tables and chairs and couches and bookcases and, well, you name it. How incredible! In the midst of all that, we've been treasure hunting in his grandparents' old things. 

They fell in love with each other through letters they wrote back and forth during WWII. I can't even describe to you the feeling of holding one of these letters. To think of where she was sitting when she started this letter with, "Hello, my darling," and her tear stains smudging several lines throughout the message. Imagining how he felt, a continent away, knowing he somehow caused her tears and couldn't be there to fix it. 
Or the time she wrote to him saying, 
"Remember that time you said that your rifle was more important to you than I am? I knew what you meant and that it was only a passing comment. Of course a rifle is more important to a man in your situation (read: war) than a girl. But it still stung to hear it, even though I know it's true."
Oh, life!  You just never know how long your feelings in one particular instance in all of time will be preserved and appreciated later. 


Okay. My mind is going 10 different directions.
The cave calls.
And maybe real clothes since I'm still in a robe.

Au revoir, mon amie.

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