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We are traveling non.stop. here lately. Today we're headed on a long, 12 hour trek to New Orleans! What?! James's family has property there and we're headed down to check out / clean the place now that summer is in full swing. So, yes. We're staying for free. Yes, we're "working" while there. Yes, I am getting PAID to spend a week in New Orleans with my dude. Uhhh, what?! Hellooooo, Good Karma! 

Since we're all homeless and such until mid-August, we've been living out of suitcases, gym bags, and the trunks of our cars. Earlier this week, I finally broke down and invested in a travel necessities kit. 

Game changer, team. For real. I was scrambling each morning to find my face wash, did I remember to pack a razor?, where'd the deodorant go??, etc. Have you ever been so desperate for a pair of tweezers that you try taping toothpicks together as a last resort?! Trust me. It was ugly. And my mood wasn't off to a great start each morning either. 

I'm not usually one to gush about products or supplies, but this little thing has saved my sanity (and probably James's life).

The Plucky Travel Kit :: *NECESSITIES*

Now, everytime I go to shower, whether it be at Nana's, the farm, a hotel in Missouri, a condo in New Orleans, or a friend's house in Cleveland, I. Am. Set. Hallelujah!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

What are your absolutely essential travel necessities?

ps. Neutrogena Facewash is the bomb. I've been using it for years now.
pps. I'm not brand specific about most things, but Tampax Pearls are a must
ppps. I die for those owl earrings. #idie #idie

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  1. Pearl all day every day. none of the others count.

  2. I was just in New Orleans last Sunday, but we were just driving through on our way back from Florida.

    You are 4 1/2 hours from San Antonio, so I think you should come visit this city while you are travelling anyhow. :) I'm only going to live here *this* much longer. Take advantage. Ha!