In which we explore NOLA.

Hello, nerds!

My boo and I are out and about today, traipsing around French Quarters (and nickels?), filling our souls up with Jazz and Blues, and eating many way-too-spicy-for-Sarah's-digestive-tract entrees!

Of course, I want to post all of my own pictures of adventures but those haven't all been taken yet. While scouring the interwebs for classic pics of New Orleans, I stumbled across these:

Tres magnifique, no?! The artist, Karen Tarlton, posts these paintings on her blog and introduces herself by saying, 
Hi! I am Karen Tarlton and I love to paint! I have been painting a new painting everyday since 2008 and I post many of them here! My work is for sale in many galleries and online sites and sells quickly (many while still wet) so please inquire if there is one you are interested in!

I am so in love with this painting style and, of course, this city! 

Now, I'm off to "paint the town" myself, so to speak. Happy exploring!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

What city would you love to explore?

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  1. sosoo beautiful. I stayed in NOLA one night of my roadtrip! I def want to go back and explore way more though. If you get a chance try eating at the Cochon ( and get the oysters bc dear god they're the best oysters I've had in my life.

  2. I'm super excited to read your after posts.... I've been jonesin' to go to NOLA for a while! :) Would love to read your take! Have fun! -Alexandra