Baby, you a song... ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

First, hit play.

Holy cow, summer! How are you 2/3 of the way over?! So much cruising in my life these days. Like, legit road tripping. This song, well... It's exactly the way you feel when you're at a country concert on a hot, muggy July night and the sun is almost setting and you've got lawn seats and you're holding a way-too-expensive can of warm beer and you glance to your left and see the cutest guy ever looking your way and the next thing you know, he's asking for your number and your insides are fluttering like mad and you don't know where this is going or how it will end or if you'll ever actually talk to the guy again, but it's exciting.*

Just a little bit insane that it's been about a year since this night:

This super cute science teacher got my number, asked me out a few days later, and the rest is history. :)

There's just something about summer and music and short skirts and long, flowing hair that screams, "Give me romance or give me death!", don't you think? ....maybe that one is just me after all.

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

What songs are definitely included in your Summer 2013 Soundtrack?

*so not how we met

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  1. hahaha I read this and thought, "I dooon't think that's how it went down..." ;)