An Adventure is...

basically anything that makes you happy, ponder, explore, question, believe, or otherwise change in someway. Can we all get on-board with "internal adventures?" Like, not when you have indigestion because you ate something like this:

but instead when the way you feel about something meaningful and powerful in life kind of shifts, weirdly and uncomfortably, inside of you. Maybe it's an old broken heart that beats a familiar, irregular rhythm but suddenly, one day, it's back on beat. Or when an unexpected bill comes due during the week you're supposed to move into your apartment, and you freak out. Then, another bill becomes due that same week for twice as much as you anticipated. And you're like:

but then you get it together in record time and feel empowered by these challenges rather than crushed beneath them. And that, sister friends, is not like you. At least, it's not like the old you. And then you have a miniature existential crisis because you're like, "Wait. I'm not me anymore? Well, I'm me, now, but not the me that I know. What?! When did that happen? Is this real life?"

That's my yesterday in a nutshell, nuggets. Oh, and some furniture painting, potato picking, and the Love Songs station on Pandora. [← weirddddd, right??] And yes, several hours spent learning these lessons. SO glad to have stumbled across them!!

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