A word to the wise...

Marilyn, you speak my heart! And you were beautiful and tragic and magical, all rolled up into one. *sigh* Things work out for people who work. So, if things aren't working out, keep working. Keep trying. Keep putting your best foot forward. 

Put only good-things out into the wild air so that other good-things will smell their scent, and when it's mating season, come back to that place where you left your good-thing and make pretty little good-thing babies that live in your neighborhood, your workplace, your friend's house, your world, and you will be more likely to bump into them more often. 
Diagram A.

That, my friends, ends my "How life works" lesson for the day, which is (clearly) very scientific. Clearly. I mean, I included a Diagram.

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  1. That is always how life seems to work. Fully agree. If I notice good things, more good things come. When I start my woe is me shiz-nit, well, the woes start multiplying. Good lesson to learn!

  2. bahahah :) Great quote. Nice diagram! -Alexandra www.simplyalexandramyfavoritethings.blogspot.com